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In 2006 we decided to move back to the country and get back to our roots. We bought a 21 acres horse farm and decided to try our luck at raising sheep. After working for 6 months on the fencing and barns, we decided that boer goats would be more exciting and possibly more profitable than sheep. Little did we know what we were getting into.

Our first trip was to Parsons, TN to Sunshine Boer Goats. We spent the afternoon talking with Jeff and Jeremy about the pros and cons of goat production. Sunshine is and has been one of the winningest programs in the country for many years. Having shown sheep for many years I thought we might enjoy competing with goats that we bred.

So we set out to establish our own herd. We attended the Winner’s Circle Sale where we got in the goat business very quickly. Then we made Ewing Dowden’s final dispersal sale for more does and followed that up with several purchases at the Ryal’s dispersal sale. We then visited neighbors and friends and picked up more does. We thought 30 real high quality does would be the right number to get started. The learning curve for goat production took a lot longer than I anticipated. After we culled the poor performers we began to produce kids that were better than their parents. We wanted to raise goats that could forage and would only need to be supplemented during certain times of the year. We wanted to raise the type of goats that we liked and would fit our management style.

We found our niche market, producing and selling breeding stock and helping others get into the goat “business”.  We are proud of the fact that we are able to help so many of our customers improve their own genetics and in a lot of cases get started producing goats. Throughout the journey we have discovered a true love and respect for these magnificent animals.


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Gary and Sebrina Reynolds

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